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Skeleton Warriors

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Tomb Kings - Unit Analysis

Slow, slow, slow.  These guys are the bread and butter of the Tomb Kings force so they will likely get fielded in pretty large numbers.  But, wow, are they ever slow.  I think in larger point games (I have only played them at 750 and less) I will be able to mobilize them better but right now they are way too slow.  They will likely get dropped for Skeleton Horsemen or they will end up being restricted to one unit with a Tomb Prince attached to give them a chance of hitting because of “My will be done.”

Skeleton Horse Archers

These guys are really mobile.  They, like all other Tomb Kings, can’t march but they get that free reform and they have a good base movement so they can quickly get to where they need to be.  Their shooting is pretty average at the unit size that I have been fielding.  8 dice looking for 5 or 6 and then (normally) looking for 4s to wound end up with 1 or 2 wounds.  They seem to be a good harassing unit if you can keep them out of their targets front arc.  They will have a place in my lists for the forseeable future.

Skeleton Chariots

These guys are really good.  I know that they fade a bit after the charge turn but they are still great.  I originally thought that I would never field units of these larger than 3 so that I could maximize the number of impacting units.  My last game convinced me that this may not be the way to go.  When they charge, impact, fight, and then cause a rout they get to charge again pretty much right away and cause more impact hits…this is fabulous.  However, when they charge and fail to rout their target they start getting ground into bone meal.  It does take a while but it happens.  If my chariot unit in the last game I played had even one additional chariot in it things would have gone much better for me.  I likely would have won subsequent rounds of combat and caused a rout and, therefore, got another 3d6 worth of impact hits.

A few other things have come to mind since writing the above.  I have managed to get in a few more games with the Tomb Kings and have determined that the Chariots are actually really fragile.  If they get charged by any sort of competent fighter they will get destroyed.  If they charge something and, whether they kill it or not, get charged in return, especially in the flank they are toast.  They seem to be pretty hard to use effectively.

I have been doing a bit of reading and it looks like the current thinking is that these guys need to be held back to make a complimentary charge after the main body of your force engages the main body of the enemy’s force.  What do they do while they wait?  Well, I guess you block your flanks with them to keep the pesky scouts out or you go hunting war machines or other safe units to smash into.  If there is nothing to hunt then you sit in the right or left corner and wait for your chance to safely make a flank charge and destroy your enemy.

Screaming Skull Catapult

I keep using this thing wrong!  When I fling it at infantry it seems not to work.  It definitely doesn’t work when I shoot it at tough war machines (but it does seem to hit then).  I truly am cursed when it comes to this.  It may be because I always proxy this using something ridiculous…a slip of paper with “SSC” written on it, a teething ring, some trash I picked up off the floor, a few colourful kids blocks, etc…
What, specifically, am I supposed to do with this?
I guess it would be really good against armies with low morale but I never seemed to be able to get it to do this.

This is the last draft I have from The Tale of Gamers and is the last Tomb Kings related post that I will contribute.  I hope it won’t be the last Warhammer Fantasy post, that remains to be seen.  I am working on a Noble Armada post but that is going very very slow.

Hopefully I will be able to get on with a few other projects.  Namely Noble Armada (Thanks, Justin! =| ) and Heavy Gear Blitz! (Your welcome, Justin! =D )  Life with 2 kids makes it difficult to get in gaming, let alone hobby time.  For now I tell myself that there will be a point in the, hopefully, near future where life will slow down and I will be able to get back to these things.


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  1. It totally sucks that we fell out of WHFB-mode like we did. The birth of our babies, Loy getting distracted, and Rob…well…you know Rob…didn’t help. Hopefully in a few months we can get back into it, including the Tomb Kings! They can be a great army, I think.
    Ah well. Until then, let’s at least try to play SOMETHING 🙂

  2. Try gaming with three kids … but they’re older now so my time is starting to free up. I enjoyed reading your army thoughts and I disappointed to hear that you want to get rid of them. After reading this post, my WHFB stuff just went higher on the priority list.

    I totally agree with what you said about the chariots. Once they stopped moving, the get ganged on and all you can do is watch all those points get hacked away. My brettonian trebuchet is having the same problems as your SSC. Reading other peoples forum posts on the trebuchet, you would think it’s the end all be all but it just didn’t work for me,

    With regards to Justin’s post, my distraction of getting fit during the summer is over for now and I’ve basically gotten back to where I was when I started. *sigh*

  3. I still have close to 3000 points of Lizardmen and giant piles of unopened Daemons! So WHFB isn’t going anywhere, just the Tomb Kings are.

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