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Tomb Kings - Finecast

A few tidbits about the Ushabti and finecast.  I started working on my finecast Ushabti with greatbows and have some things to say.  First off I will say that the detail on them is really nice and unless I just got lucky the casts are better than people are making them out to be.

Now for some of the bad.  There really is a lot of crap to clean off these things.  Many many vents and lots of flash.  The stuff is really easy to remove but there is a lot more than there should be.  I read that people recommended using the dull side of a hobby knife to do most of the clean up so I tried that.  Worked ok but I found that fingernails did a better job and you had much better control over what you were stripping away.  Admittedly there were one or two spots that required the knife but, in general, fingernails were the better way.

I started with the Ushabti holding the arrow and to my surprise the model didn’t fit together properly.  After a bit of fiddling and some close examination of the box front I find that the studio builds have the bow provided on a different sprue (the stouter of the two non-bird heads) built onto the arrow shooter.  Odd.  And now on second glance the bow on the sprue with the bird head has been attached to the above mentioned other model.  Curious as to why they didn’t just match up arms at least.  The bow arm that is on the sprue with the arrow arm cannot be used together properly.  Annoying but not the end of the world.  And now it turns out that the body on the sprue with the bird head is the one that has the underarm cavities that match the arrow arm and its matching bow.  One piece off each sprue…uh…interesting.  I guess I am despruing everything and then dry fitting to find the proper match ups.  Not how I wanted to do it but, oh well.

In despruing everything I actually noticed that there is an arm missing!  Not sure how I missed it before, probably because there was no obvious void on the sprue that should have had a part there.  I contacted GW and they sent me a brand new box of Ushabti.  So, despite being irritated by the error, I have to say the customer service response to this (fairly common) problem is pretty good.

Overall, I would say that the two big negatives going for Finecast are 1) the price, and 2) Casting issues.  These problems are outweighed IMO by all the benefits; lightweight, easy to clean and assemble, and stunning detail (even when cast with old molds for metal models).

This was a fairly old post that got stranded as a draft.  Thought I would do a couple of corrections, tag it, and post it.  Justin has put a lot of effort into keeping the posts here flowing and the rest of us jerks really dropped the ball.

Not playing Tomb Kings any more alas.  Anybody out there interested in picking up a partially built TK army?!  ha ha


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