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With pictures!

A week or so ago the guys and I shot some emails back and forth regarding the status of our Heavy Gear Blitz forces.  I was glad to hear that both Rob and Andrew were nearing completion of the building phase for their starter units. 

Unfortunately, schedules have not allowed us to play a game in a long time.  For me, this means my interest dropped quite a bit, and I was almost afraid that I would just shelve my gears for the time being.  However, those emails, and a discussion with Rob at Meeplemart while looking at all the other minis games we’d like to get into, spurred me to sit down and work on the gears a bit.

It’s still slow going, but over the past few days I’ve put 10, 20 or 30 minutes at a time, at different points in the day, towards painting these models.  I’m focusing right now on the four-member Fire Support Cadre, which currently look like this:

The second guy is closest to being complete, needing just touch-ups.  The other two Spitting Cobras will look just like him.  The small Jäger has different bits of armour shapes, so he won’t look exactly the same, but will use the same colours.  This is all pre-wash as well.   Once washed, they look more like:

Here is a Jäger and a Black Mamba, my paint and wash test subjects.  They’re part of the Strike Cadre, which I’ll get back to once I’ve finished the Fire Support team.  These guys use most of the same colours, sometimes in different areas, and have a Badab Black wash on them, which everyone will get, and then some highlighting, etc.

When I’ve finished the Fire Support Cadre I’ll post again, and list the paints I used.

I’m glad I’ve resurrected my interest in these guys.  They are dang cool.  Hopefully I can keep plugging away a little each day and get them all complete relatively soon.



p.s. if you’re wondering who those brown guys in the background are, check out my personal hobby blog to see some early, early progress on my C&C Ancients in 3D project.


Posted October 17, 2011 by mrborges in A Tale of Gamers, Heavy Gear Blitz, The South

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