Primed and Choosing a Paint Scheme (South)   Leave a comment

No pictures, sorry.

Both cadres are primed, though. 

And I’m on the road to choosing my paint scheme.  As I stated previously, I started going for something similar to dp9’s stock colours, a light-gray/dark-gray look (which I later realised had a blue tint).  But after my first attempt, it looked quite different, but I liked it.  I ended up using a mix of P3 paints, mainly from the Rhulic and Cryx lines.  So I’m going to call my paint scheme Crhulics. 

Smart, eh?

Anyway, I really liked my first go at it, on a Jagër, but I wanted to add some colours to add variety.  I was less impressed with the overall second try, on a Black Mamba, but I figured out a few things that worked.  My third try, using a Spitting Cobra, seems to be the one I’m going with.

Oh, after all the paint is on, I lather on some GW Badab Black wash.

Now that I think I know what I want to do, it should go a little faster.  Maybe that means that in a couple of days I’ll have an entire squad painted, with pictures and a more detailed rundown of the colours used.

p.s. I was quite pleased with Andrew’s post!  I’m glad to see that he’s actually doing some work on his units, even if it is slow going.  Maybe we can pressure Rob into posting an update as well? 🙂


Posted September 27, 2011 by mrborges in A Tale of Gamers, Heavy Gear Blitz, The South

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