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The next endeavor I am tackling is Heavy Gear Blitz!  A Battletech-type mech combat game from Dream Pod 9 out of Montreal, Canada!  Being from Canada is a big plus for me, it is nice to finally be supporting a domestic game.

Where are we at?  Just starting.  Three of us are on board right now.  Rob, Justin, and I.  And we have basically just selected our armies.  I chose the P.R.D.F.  A quick summary is that the P.R.D.F. is a Mining Company that shifted into Military Tech and then set up a Protectorate.  They are situated in an area of the planet (Terra Nova) known as the Badlands.  The Protectorate extends their protection out to any of the surrounding Badlands settlements that wish their aid.

I picked up the P.R.D.F. starter at Meeplemart.  The starter contains a Strike Squad and a Fire Support Squad.  The Strike Squad seems to be a fast group of gears that are quite heavy hitting but are also much easier to destroy (compared to the General Purpose Squad).  What is their battlefield role?  Well, it seems to be to get in fast and do as much damage as possible before a) being destroyed, or severely damaged themselves or b) running away.  The Fire Support Squad is a pair of medium range shooters supported by some more durable spotters.  Not nearly as fast as the strike squad but much heavier fire power and much longer range.  So as the name suggests they mostly take on an artillery-type role.

The starters are all configured so that out-of-the-box all the forces have good short-range fire power and reasonable medium range fire power.  None of the starters (except the North one AFAIK) is legal even at PL1, which is a bummer, but we are just diving in and need to take baby steps anyhow so fielding just the starters will have to do for now.  Getting around the huge point discrepancy between the PRDF and the other factions is our next big challenge.  The PRDF squads are more than 100 TV higher stock than the south.  When we played a quick single squad match where Justin bought up to match my TV I was really out-gunned.  As usual I am having trouble with my faction right from the start.  😦

Assembly has gone pretty slowly (as Justin has repeatedly let me know!  😉  ).  I am currently at 1 gear fully assembled (one of the Crusaders), the second Crusader is sitting with one missing arm waiting on a decision relating to its miscast hand (I will likely just go with it, it isn’t that miscast), and ALL the rest of the gears are waiting on arms and handheld weapon selections.  So everything is on bases, with legs, torso, head, and rockets attached; all just waiting for me to decide on appropriate armaments.

Justin is priming and painting, eeesh!  Hopefully I get to the priming stage before snow comes and I have trouble priming.  I have decided on a paint scheme for my PRDF though.  They are going to be based silver and washed black (cheesy robot copout paint job, I know.), then I am going to block in a leg with pale blue and white decal it with squad markings.  Other than that I will just be doing a bit of detail work…lights, screens, windows, weapons, etc…  Hopefully they have a nice look when I am finished.  Not sure if the blue leg will draw the eye away from where it should, we will see.

Anyhow, instead of typing this I should be finishing my build!


Posted September 27, 2011 by asmzero in Heavy Gear Blitz, Peace River

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