We’re Hitting the “Restart” Button   1 comment

Sort of.

After 3 and a half months, our Warhammer Fantasy Tale of Gamers has all but crumbled.  Andrew and Justin have played multiple games lately, but have had no hobby progress.  Rob has done well, but has played less.  Loy we haven’t heard from in forever.  And Ilan hasn’t even started his army, yet.

So, we’ve come to a point where we’ve decided to put the WFB Tale on the shelf, and move on.  In the end, the game was bigger than us: our real lives could not accomodate building and painting dozens and dozens of models at a time. 

We admit defeat!

Nay, not defeat.  We just need a hiatus for this challenge, as we move on to other things.

For instance, Andrew and Justin will be working on Alkemy.  Rob will continue working on his Warmachine.  Rob, Andrew and Justin will be getting into Heavy Gear Blitz.  Among many other projects, to be sure.

So, for now, this blog is getting a bit of a revamp.  Instead of being a blog about our Warhammer Fantasy Tale of Gamers, it will now be a group blog about the various games we play.

See you soon with whatever updates we happen to make.

-Justin, Andrew, Rob, Loy and Ilan


Posted August 25, 2011 by mrborges in A Tale of Gamers

One response to “We’re Hitting the “Restart” Button

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  1. Good luck with your refocussed blog. I also branched out for the first time from my WFB blogging, and plan to take the same approach as you (i.e. just reporting what I can be bothered with).

    I really enjoy the posts in this blog, and I look forward to many more.

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