Where’d Everybody Go?   Leave a comment

That’s what I’ve been asking recently.

I went on a trip to California (Comic-Con!!!) for two weeks in July and was expecting a few updates from my fellow Talers. 

Well, when I got home, there was nothing posted.


Yes.  Seriously.

I know I didn’t post, but I made it known before, and I had the last post up.  I was hoping that the other guys would step up in my absence, but they did not, sadly.  Everyone apparently has a half-written post or two that they “just need to finish.”  Which is fine, because we’ve all got families and it’s summer and we’ve already established that the goals we set for this Tale are a little lofty.

So, I’m not going to blame the other guys, but since there’s little coming from them, I figured I would take a little break and work on some other projects.  I’m still going to play the game (in fact, I’ve got one coming up on Tuesday, as usual against the Tomb Kings), but I’m going to push pause on the hobby side of things. 

I know half (or more) of a Tale of Gamers challenge is the hobby side, but as a few people in the group have pointed out in the past, most of us are gamers first, hobbyists second.  And with every miniatures game I’ve taken part in, it’s been like that for me.  That’s why I have an ever-increasing list of half-or-less-finished armies/crews/models from an ever-increasing list of games.

I’ll post a report on Tuesday’s game, possibly with real pictures this time.  I think mentioned before my 20th WFB game is coming up soon, and I’m thinking of making it big (2000+ points) and working on a special battle report for it.  That should be coming up in the next few weeks, I hope.



Posted August 13, 2011 by mrborges in A Tale of Gamers

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