Empire vs. Dwarfs (750pts) – 6/26/11   1 comment

*dun dun dunn!*

Rob and I finally got to set our forces against each other.  Mano e Dwarfo.  I’ve been looking forward to this game, and it delivered.

Army Lists


  • Warrior Priest (General)
  • Captain (BSB)
  • 20 Swordsmen
  • 10 Handgunners
  • 10 Greatswords
  • 5 Pistoliers
  • Mortar


  • Thane (General)
  • 10 Warriors
  • 10 Warriors
  • 9 Longbeards
  • 2 Cannons
  • Gyrocopter

We rolled up Watchtower, and I got to start in it.  Three Forests, some shrine or another, and some fences made up the rest of the terrain.  I popped my Handgunners in the Watchtower, and the rest of the deployment looked like this:

I Vanguarded my Pistoliers straight up, and we began.

Turn 1 – Dwarfs

The Warriors to my right attempted to Charge the Pistoliers, but fell short.  They ended up moving 6″, and lost nobody to the Stand & Shoot reaction, so it’s as if they had merely Ran.  The Gyrocopter puttered up closer. 

The Cannons opened up on the Watchtower.  One Misfired (Rob’s first time rolling so) and blew up, and the other fell just short.

Turn 1 – Empire

The Pistoliers made their way past the Warriors and faced the Thane and his Longbeards.  The Swordsmen and Greatswords both moved up.

The Pistoliers took out a whopping four Longbeards, while the Handgunners dropped another three Warriors.  Pretty happy with those rolls, but I would later realise that the Gyrocopter would be a greater threat, sooner.  The Warriors passed their Panic check, but the Longbeards, Thane and all, ran.  Luckily, they only Fled 2″.  The Mortat took a shot at the Longbeards as well, but it scattered off to the side.

Turn 2 – Dwarfs

Both Warrior units moved up.  The Gyrocopter got into position, and the Longbeards Rallied.

The Cannon once again fell just short of the Watchtower, the Handgunners inside getting used to not being hit.  But the Gyrocopter’s crazy template attack toasted a whopping 9 Swordsmen.  They passed their Panic check.

Turn 2 – Empire

The Greatswords got off a long Charge on the full Warrior unit.  The Pistoliers got behind the Longbeards (in Grapeshot distance of the Cannon…d’oh!), and the Swordsmen, or what was left of them, moved up.

The Handgunners took aim at the Gyrocopter, and managed two Wounds, one shy of destroying it.  It would have been nice if I had remembered that I had a Marksman in the unit, who might have been able to knock it out with his higher BS.  But, once again, I forgot I had him in there.  I need to start making sure I have a print-out of my list with me when I play, I really do.  Anyway!  The Pistoliers managed to drop two more Longbeards.  And the Mortar….blew up.  Once again.  Pfft.

In Close Combat, the Greatswords deal four Wounds to the Warriors, who inflict none in return.  The Warriors can’t take it and Flee!  Once again Rob manages to Flee to exactly the board edge.  This has to be the third time he’s done this, completely by fluke.  His corner dude lands a bare millimetre from the edge.  Yeesh.  What’s worse, the Greatswords can’t even manage to Catch them.  Can you believe that?  Big ol’ elites can’t even catch up to a bunch of stunties.

Turn 3 – Dwarfs

If the previous turns were a little lackluster for the Dwarfs, this one was a little too shiny for my liking!

The Longbeards got a very long Charge into the Flank of the Greatswords.  The one Warrior unit attempted a Charge on the Watchtower, but lost three to the S&S reaction and were driven backwards in fear.  The other Warriors Rallied, and the Gyrocopter merely spun in place.

The Cannon Grapeshot the Pistoliers and blew them all up.  The ‘copter roasted another eight Swordsmen.  That made it 17 dead Swordsmen to the Gyrocopter alone.  This was turning out to be a bad turn, indeed!

In Combat the Thane Challenged, which was accepted by the Count’s dude (Greatsword Champion), who died before he could lift his sword.  Two other Greatswords fell to the Longbeard, and neither Captain nor the rest of the unit could inflict a single Wound on the Dwarfs.  Yeesh!  At least they did not Flee.  They did Reform, however, to better fight the Longbeards next turn.

Turn 3 – Empire

With fewer units on the board, at least it makes turns go faster 🙂

The Swordsmen just move on up, hoping to eventually get into this game, other than as casualties.

The Handgunners finish off the Gyrocopter.

And in Close Combat the Greatswords are once again stifled by the Longbeards.  The Thane once again Challenges, and the Captain accepts.  They each do a Wound to each other.  Otherwise, one Greatsword dies, and not a single Longbeard goes down.  At least the Greatswords stay around again. 

Turn 4 – Dwarfs

It’s not pictured, but the first Warrior unit failed to Rally and actually Fled off the board.  I think they needed a Flee roll of 11 or 12 or something, and got it.  The other Warriors Charged into the Greatsword flank.

The Cannon took a shot and finally landed one in the Watchtower, easily killing off 5 Handgunners.

Combat turned out to be another draw.  The Challenge continued with no headway, while the larger combat ended with one more Greatsword dead and NO Dwarfs killed.  Seriously…what in the world are these Greatswords good for?

Turn 4 – Empire

The Swordsmen continue their move up the field.  That’s 3 Swordsmen (Full Command) and a Warrior Priest, the only survivors of the Gyrocopter’s rampage.  At least they’re still around.

The Handgunners take a shot at the Cannon and I think fail to do anything.

In Close Combat, the Greatswords finally knock off one more Longbeard!  But they lose two themselves, and are forced to make a Break Test.  They fail.  And Flee.  But don’t get Caught!  So hah! Take that, Dwarfs!  I may have lost my Captain and the unit standard, but the unit lives on.  Mwahaha!  I’m not really that happy about the outcome, but at least a few of them survived round after round of combat.  Pathetic, pathetic combat.

Game End and Final Thoughts

Well, it was turn 4 and a roll of 6 was going to end the game.  And thankfully I rolled a 6, and won the game by controlling the Watchtower.  Oooh, it was a bloody battle indeed.  Fun, even though one unit got decimated without even doing anything, and another failed to do much harm. 

My MVP award goes to the Pistoliers, with a Runner-Up nod to the Handgunners.  These two units did the most damage to the Dwarfs, either knocking out the Gyrocopter, or punking the Longbeards a few times down to four.  Even though those four did exceptional damage to my Greatswords.

Speaking of Greatswords, I think I’ll have to outfit them in the future with a Warrior Priest or something.  I definitely want a larger unit of Greatswords, so they can survive long enough to really strike back. They also need some aid to avoid the flanking Charges against them that they suffered this battle.

Well, there you have it.  Another game in the books, and I finally had a chance to play against Rob’s Dwarfs.

Thanks for reading, and following our little Tale of Gamers.



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  1. Longbeards are Immune to Panic, and are never forced to take Panic tests. (They also grant nearby dwarves the ability to reroll all Panic tests, due to the “Ol Grumblers” special rule)

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