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Well phase one of our little challenge is over and I can’t say I got very far. I started out just with the battalion box, I picked it up for a reasonable price just before the new army was released. I grabbed some Tomb Swarm off of a local player at a bitz swap. On release day I picked up the book, cards, and a Warsphinx. The Warsphinx box gave me access to a Tomb King/Prince. On TK finecast release day I picked up a box each of the two types of Ushabti…

TK Boxes

Here are the boxes of Tomb Kings stuff I own most of which is still unbuilt. 😦

That means I was able to build: 32 Skeleton Warriors, 8 Skeleton Horsemen, 3 Skeleton Chariots, 4 Tomb Swarm, 1 Tomb King, 1 Warsphinx, and 6 Ushabti. Not a bad starting army, probably not quite enough core in there but decent nonetheless. As of midnight June 30th 2011 I have the following built…


The paltry amount of models I was able to build in the generous amount of time allotted to us.

As you can see from the above photo I managed to build: 8 Horses, 3 Chariots (and 2 riders), 2 Tomb Swarm (which also happen to be primed), a Tomb King, and 24 partly built Skeleton Warriors.

We have all decided to press on and see what we can do about completing 1000 points in the next phase. Time limits seem to be out the window though so I am making this a personal challenge to complete an army, a feat that I have *gasp* never done. The closest I came to finishing an army was with Warmachine. I have 8 or 10 models that are IMO fully painted (though not well painted). These models can technically make up a full army, though they never do 😉 I think that by the end of this tale I will have a complete Tomb Kings army. It may not be as many points as this challenge is supposed to take us to, but it will be complete.

Still underway: a breakdown of my thoughts on each of the units I have fielded so far and my experiences with the finecast usabti.  stay tuned.

Note: I also consider the photos in this post, however irrelevant, to be a personal success and a harbinger of the successes to come! lol


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