The Dwarven Throng Marches Onward!   Leave a comment

Yesterday i was reminded why I love Warhammer and Minis in general.  I got to do the 3 things I love about minis:


After a long wait the Dwarven Throng finally got a chance to clash with the mighty Empire army.  We played the watchtower scenario with the Empire guarding the outpost and the Dwarves on the attack.  This was also my first battle with 750 pts.  I’m sure that Mrborges will write up a much better battle story than I can.  For the Dwarves, only a single line will be struck in the Book of Grudges.

“Bring engineers next time.”

It was very close battle with heavy casualties on both sides.  In the end, I raced for the objective only to have my short Dwarf legs fail me.

Here’s how my notable units did:


Finally the warriors showed a bit more staying power this battle.  After nearly routing off the board, they managed to rally and flank the great swords unit tied up with my Longbeards.  Together they were able to take down the surprisingly resilient Greatswords.


Incredible unit.  Single handedly defeated a large block of men-at-arms.  With a bit of luck they could have cleared out the tower too.


I experienced the pain that is misfire this battle.  It’s a deep unpleasant pain.



As the deadline approaches the Dwarves are in good shape.  During the weekend, I put the finishing touches on the warriors and the cannon crews.  This leaves me with only the Gyrocopter.  As the Gyrocopter appears to be the most delicate model on Dwarf list, i have to make an exception for it and paint it in 3 assemblies.  This means i can’t assemble the model until i’ve painted it to a higher standard than just wargaming.  Right now it’s in 3 pieces, the propeller, the body and the base.  I doubt that i’ll have this one assembled before the deadline as the amount of detail i want for this unit is very high.



We’ve got the go ahead to increase our lists to 1000 pts.  As i’m pretty happy with what i’ve got, it’s just a matter of adding another 250 to my current list.  The first thing i’ll probably add are engineers.  They are 25 pts each, but allow for a misfired cannon to reroll.  I was also impressed with the effectiveness of the Empire battle standard, so i’ll probably follow suit and add another Thane carrying a standard.  This leaves me with about 100 pts give or take.  Should i add another unit or just bolster the ones i have?  Or should I unleash the my BIG surprise?  Muwah ha ha!!!


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