The Dwarven Throng Races to Muster 750   Leave a comment

I’ve entered into “get it done” mode very quickly.

The honeymoon is over now and the models that I’ve bought are no longer new.  All the grand ideas of meticulous detail painting have faded and I just want to “get it done.”  Sounds sad, but I find that this kind of thinking is the most productive.  People may feel like they are “cutting corners” or “betraying” the integrity of the army by rushing.  However, I feel that you really have to throw caution out the window and just go for it.  You’re not afraid to make mistakes anymore, so just put the paint down.  Details will come in later stages.

The deadline for 750 points is in just 8 days and I’m still gunning for it.

Here’s how things look:


This weekend I got to finish the Longbeards to a wargaming level.  Here I used to a blue scheme with the grey beards.  It gives them a nice veteran look to them.  I was pretty happy with how the mining picks look.  They have a very crisp engraved line that i left black.  Small easy to do details like this can very quickly improve the look of a unit without a lot of work.

Wargaming quality while quick sometimes isn’t adequite for certain details.  In the Longbeards (miner models) each model has a candle on his helmet.  I’ve painted the flame white in order to have a bright base for later detail painting.  Right now it just looks like primer and stands out like a sore thumb.  This may be one of the details i need to work on first when i start my second pass.

Don't these guys have darkvision or something?


If the wargaming-quality candle is small annoyance in my army, the wargaming-quality Thane is a huge pain in the butt.  The look I’m going for is similar to a painting by Ingres of Napoleon on his throne.  Really the beauty in this model is going to be in the painted details…none of which are there now as you can see above.  But in the interest of the deadline, the Thane will need to wait for his royal accoutriments.

Yeah...maybe not.

Cannons and Crew

I’ve been working on the crew while the paint was drying on my first warriors unit and the Longbeards, so progress has been fairly good.  I’d say they are more than half done.  There are a few decisions about the colours of the detailing and that’s about it.

For the cannons themselves, I’ve been looking at the studio paints, especially the ones from the Skull pass box.  I find the GW scheme a little dull, frankly.  It’s a lot of iron and brass.
I know thematically, the Dwarves try not to build anything in wood, favoring the strength and availabilty of metal.  However, I’ve decided to paint the carriage a rich wood color.  Let me know if you prefer the effect or think it’s Dwarf blasphemy.

Wood or no wood?


I’m ready to start on the Copter in the next few days.  Most of the work will be related to the color scheme i’m going to choose.  As i’m not super fond of the studio paints (again) I’ll probably do something kinda silly for this one.

I used to build WWII balsa models so I’m thinking of using a camo pattern from a fighter plane.  I’m leaning towards doing a traditional Spitfire theme, but am also going to look at some WWI camo schemes before I choose.  Anyone got any favorite airplane schemes?

Warriors Unit 2

As this unit will be identical to the first one I painted, this is really a no-brainer.  However, it is probably the biggest obstacle for me to complete the 750 pts in 10 days.  It’s probably only 3 hrs of work…but procrastination will probably get the better of me.

As I’m hoping celebrate my 750 during the Dominion day weekend instead of cramming to finish, the race is on.  The weekend is piling up with birthdays and gaming…So I gotta focus, put some Led Zeppelin on, and brush like there’s no tomorrow.


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