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Initially I had started a post that was going to include an update on my army as well as some thoughts on how the Tale is going.  Since the post was getting longer and longer, I decided to break it down into two posts. 

So I’m starting with the Tale of Gamers.  Or what I referred to in an email to the other guys, our little “Tale of Lamers.”  It looks as if real life has got in the way for all of us involved.  Whether it’s Andrew’s one-and-a-half year old, or Loy’s health and exercise kick, or Rob’s whatever-his-excuse-is, or my one-month old, we’re all in the same boat: slow going on our armies.

I can’t fault the other guys, or myself, as real life needs to win sometimes.  At least none of us has given up.  And it looks like Rob will be the closest to actually having a complete or near-complete 750-point army by the end of June.  I know I won’t, and I highly doubt Loy and Andrew will.  I don’t even think Ilan has started his Chaos Warriors!

Again, it’s okay.  This was meant to be a fun challenge.  A way for us to work towards increasing sized armies together, starting from scratch, so to speak.  As well, the idea was to focus on one game system, and try to mitigate the “gamer ADD,” or whatever you might call it, that many of us suffer from.  For instance, this is army 3.5 for me for Warhammer Fantasy.  And according to BGG, I’ve only played the game 16 times!  Which is actually pretty good for me for a single game.  I’m not sure how many other games I’ve played that many times, other than Magic: The Gathering, Lost Cities and a couple of other board games.  Maybe it’s because I’m a Libra, but I find it easier to not complete an army and start working on the next one.  It’s that whole, “ooh, something shiny!” factor.  I went from Vampire Counts (using Mantic‘s Undead), to both Skaven and High Elves (because they both came in the Island of Blood starter, and were easy models to put together), and now on to Empire for the Tale.  And I can’t even work on this army without my eyes wandering towards 40k (where I can’t decide between Tyranids, Imperial Guard and Dark Eldar!) or Warmachine (where I’m aiming at both Menoth and a lightning-themed force of Cygnar!).  It’s sad that we’re not even through the first leg of this Tale, and I’m already planning on the next few.

Anyway, Tale of Gamers.  I think the issue with doing a Tale of Gamers challenge like this is balancing the hobby part with the gaming part.  I’m a gamer first, a hobbyist second.  And I am one of those gamers that has NO problems fielding built-but-unpainted minis on the tabletop.  In fact, when it comes to minis very few of those in my collection have paint on them. MANY are primed, though, leading me to table “Blizzard Force” and “Grey Knights.”  Not the cool new GW ones, but my grey-primed Trollbloods and the like.  Again, I don’t mind.  And I prefer to play with the kind of people who don’t mind either.  Heck, I didn’t even mind when Andrew fielded paper slips representing Salamanders or whatever they were. 

So, the goal of this Tale was to start an army, and finish an army, with the caveat that it’s the same army.  This will be a first for me, if I can get it done.  And I know I will.  It’ll just take some time.  Even if I don’t get it all done within the time-frame of this Tale, I am determined to finish this Empire army.  Even if it ends up just being a 1500-point force, I’m okay with that.  Even if it’s just at tabletop quality, good from three feet away but nothing special up close, I’m very okay with that.

I think the other issue is that we chose Warhammer Fantasy for a Tale of Gamers challenge.  A Battalion box alone comes with 40+ figures.  My Empire box had 48 models, 8 of them cavalry.  That’s a lot of guys! And that’s not even a fun size of game to play.  After playing a handful of 500 and 750-point games, clearly it’s 1000 that it gets to be truly enjoyable.  Which means it’ll be a while yet until myself or any of the other guys has enough painted models for a “truly enjoyable” game.  Warhammer is just the type of game that needs more units to be fun, which means the Tale is going to either take long, or not get fun for a while.  Or both.  It’s just a lot of work to get to that point, especially when real life (see above) gets in the way.  In fact, if you look at Games Workshop’s most recent Tale, they didn’t even play a game for three months!  I’m sorry, but as much as I’ve come to enjoy the hobby aspect of this…hobby…I need to be playing games, or I’ll lose interest quickly.

We have already talked about it, and we will be doing more Tale of Gamer challenges in the future (see gamer ADD above).  But we are going to choose game systems that require a low initial model count, such as Alkemy, Infinity, Warmachine, Fantastic Worlds or Legends of the High Seas, to name a few that we’re looking at.  I’ve been following the group of guys doing A Tale of Four Lord of the Rings Gamers, and it’s awesome to see how few models they need to get small games in. Sure, 175-point games might be the fun-less equivalent of 500-point WHFB games, but at least they only need 10-20 models to get to that point, instead of 40.

As slow going as it is, at least I’m getting a few games in, here and there.  Andrew too.  Well, we’re playing against each other, so that makes sense.  I think Rob and Loy have both played two games, and Andrew and I have played four games.  I might be wrong, but I’m going to assume that’s how things stand.

Anywho, I think if you’ve read the 1000+ words of this post, you’re probably pretty bored and looking for something better to read.  I’m hoping to get the rest of my other post done shortly, which will talk about my army as it looks right now, and how I feel about the units I’ve used. 

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  1. I know what you mean about real life sometimes stopping you from wargaming. But the way I see it, the games will still be there when you’re not busy, but real life might not be. I too like to geek out, but my kids/wife/family/friends/etc have to come first. Just remember that it’s not a race. I see people posting on the internet about how they’ve painted their massive army in a week, while it takes me months to paint a single unit. It is your fun, so it can go on your schedule.

    I’m also right with you on feeling like continually switching armies around. I found that blogging about my hobby really helped me to focus on one army (because it’s easier to go back and enjoy your progress simply by loading up the blog), so perhaps this excellent blog of yours will help.

    Thanks, as ever, for posting.

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