The Wrath of the Creator   3 comments

Work, life, and Gin have seriously impacted my ability to get anything done with this army.

Building has been extremely frustrating.  I complained a bit in my previous post about GW’s new plastic glue. Well, I am going to complain some more. My models were falling apart. The weld from this glue just isn’t working. There is a silver lining to this angry black cloud though. Rob recommended that I try Tamiya’s Plastic Cement! Now a preface to this is that Rob’s recommendations almost always leave me sitting at my work desk frustrated, bleeding, and in tears with some stupid complicated bit of hobby something-or-other mangled, stained, paste-smeared, and broken sitting on the desk in front of me. For once this is not the case. I am very happy with the Tamiya plastic cement. It has enough tack after 2 or 3 seconds that you can let parts go and gently adjust, as I came to expect from the old GW glue. Anyhow, combined with the glue not working well I am having a hard time fitting the horse bodies together. Every other GW model I have ever touched seems to dry fit well. Horses, not at all. I ended up scraping away plastic and then brute-forcing the halves to fit together. Pretty annoying.

A week later

I am to the point where I don’t care what the horses look like. Every time I try to sit down and put these things together they just make me angry. I’m not dumb or inexperienced. I have tonnes of well-built models under my belt. Right now I am just jamming them together with a splash of glue simply to get moving on this competition.

I know I promised photos this update…well they aren’t here. Justin sent out an email today entitled “Tale of Lamers”. That is us to a tee. Sorry man.

I have actually got in several games but I have some commentary on my first game. I will say that it went poorly at best. I screwed things up so bad that it hardly counts as testing out my army. The big thing is getting the Hierophant killed. I keep doing it. And for Tomb Kings it is really terrible. For the Lizardmen it wasn’t so bad. In fact, with the Lizardmen at low point battles the Priest would get targeted a lot less, obviously. But even when he was eliminated it didn’t hugely impact the game. With the Tomb Kings it is HUGE. Anyhow, I’ve still not learnt my lesson but I will…I’m an old dog, it takes me some time.

Less impactful, but still equally important was some manoeuvring errors I made. Being in charge distance, wanting to charge, and not being able to because of one of your own units that could have moved out of the way but didn’t is a terrible and stupid mistake.

The biggest screw up in the game though was not understanding how chariots worked. I had read that they were great on the charge and was eager to get them into combat. Once I made the charge and we started reviewing the rules for impact hits I was pretty disappointed. Somehow we interpreted the rules as “a unit of chariots gets d6 impact hits” instead of “a chariot gets d6 impact hits” so my 3 chariots did d6 impact hits instead of 3d6. It made perfect sense but I didn’t understand how this made them awesome. Getting d6 hits at s4 before regular close combats is still a great ability it just doesn’t qualify as “awesome” for a unit that costs 165 points base. After the let down that was my impact hits, we did the regular close combat and I somehow forgot the mount’s attacks AND assumed that each charioteer had only one attack! Duh. So, all in all, the chariots were terrible performers. They still killed a bunch of stuff and ended up winning the combat res so I didn’t think too much about it. I was sure that I had read an example of a chariot charge somewhere that worked out differently so I did some followup reading in White Dwarf upon returning home and discovered our error. Now that I had a full understanding of how chariots worked I was eager to try them out again and that motivated me to start on their build.

I will say this, chariots are a pretty easy build. I quickly got all three chariots completely built (excluding the charioteers). The only issue I encountered was that the attachment to the horses was a bit off. The chariots Were a bit off center so I had to put some tension on the pole to swing the carriage back to center. I then glued the wheels down to preserve this adjustment. Hopefully the extra tension doesn’t cause the bond to continually fail.

A final note from the hobby side of things is that I glued and primed 2 Tomb Swarm. I will probably start some test painting on them. It was also to end up with a few less proxies for my next game against Justin, my first at 750.

Here is the list I ran:

Tomb Prince w/ shield, General
Liche Priest Hierophant
8 Horse Archers
20 Skeleton Warriors w/ spears, LA, banner
3 Skeleton Chariots
2 Tomb Swarm
Screaming Skull Catapult

I’ll talk about this battle, Tomb Kings at 750 points, paint (or lack thereof), and finishing my build in the next update. And no I won’t promise photos…


3 responses to “The Wrath of the Creator

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  1. It’s amazing how much better a unit works once you’ve started playing with it correctly. Those chariots are killer when used properly.
    Good to see Rob finally gave you a useable product, too!

    Looking forward to boosting points and getting some bigger games played.

  2. I’ve seen your horses and they looked ok to me. I think that you’re just a perfectionist especially when it comes to building. That seems to be the part of the hobby you enjoy the most. So, it’s almost certain that your standards are very high as to the fit of the plastics.

    I’ll send you pics of the ones that I have and you’ll see that yours are far superior.

  3. That does make me feel a bit better but I do expect more from GW. I think they have some of the best plastic kits out there…the horses just aren’t one of them. One thing I appreciated about the Alkemy models was the fit. Really nice seams…once you pushed the parts together your were hardpressed to tell that they were ever multipart models. Much of the GW line is the same but also gives a superb dynamism to the model, you can adjust poses, facings, weapons, and still get a great looking model with great joins.

    If the kit has tonnes of options I can forgive a bit of cludginess with the fit but the horses are two part, with no posability at all…the should fit perfect first time, every time.

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