The Dwarven Throng Grumbles into Battle   2 comments

I’ve been lazy posting, but not playing.

My first battle test was against Loychan and his Dark Elves.


Here are some observations:

At 500 pts, you don’t get a good idea of how the army performs.  It’s just too small a battle.  You do get an idea of how each unit performs and its strengths and weaknesses.

Warriors with shields

The Good

The heavy armor and shield gives this unit a nice 4+ save.  Coupled with the hand weapon 6+ ward parry save, this unit does well under fire.

The Bad

At strength 3, it doesn’t hit very hard.  It also lacks the mobility of most units.  This along with a low initiative makes it a second grade

The Performance

During the battle the warriors were setup in front of one of my cannons.  As the Dark Elves repeater crossbowmen inched closer, I sent these stout fellows to engage.  Two failed charges later, I was reduced to about 60% by stand and shoot.  Finally I was able to charge in doing a fair number of casualties, however the crossbowmen and their deep hatred were able to eventually wipe out the whole unit.

Longbeards with Shields

The Good

Another very tough unit.  It can take absorb a lot of hits, enough to cover the distance to get it into combat.  It has a great weapon skill
and great toughness…and even better strength.

The Bad

Again, it’s the mobility.  Dwarves just don’t run very well.  Also, I can only take as many long beard units as I have warriors making them difficult to accumulate in numbers.

The Performance

I setup the Longbeards in front of the other cannon.  In the game, they faced the DE corsairs.  With fury and hatred, the corsairs charged in and rained down blow upon blow.  But the Longbeards held their ground and cleaved their way through the corsairs.


The Good

An inexpensive Hero that gives any unit he joins a nice boost.

The Bad

Not much really.

The Performance

One of my favorite parts of the game is Heroic Challenges.  The fact that the entire combat stops as the two leaders go mano a mano is just such a highlight to any battle.  It took two rounds, but my Thane held steady and managed to bring down DE general.



In the second battle with the Dwarven Throng I faced the might of the Tomb Kings.  Again, both Asmzero and I felt that the game was more like a demo than a battle.  There’s something missing at the 500 pts level that I can’t quite put my finger on.  I think it’s because Warhammer is a game that relies on Center / Right flank / Left flank tactics to be whole.  With only 500 pts, you are really only fighting in the center.

Regardless, I did get some value out of the short scenario we played.

First, I’ve come to realize that the force I’m fielding is very effective and plays very easily.  The Dwarves shoot very well, can defend their shooters well and can nullify magic well.  This is a huge contrast from my first army, the Wood Elves.  Wood elves are a difficult army to field effectively and I struggled for quite some time before I got even slightly decent results.  The Dwarves are much more plug and play.  They are easy to build, paint and field.  They have a very nice balance of strengths with very few weaknesses.

Secondly, I finally got to see the full destructive effect of the cannons.  Cannons are great characters killers, especially if they are left out in the open.  They are actually excellent against any multi-wound models.


More Painting Toil for the Dwarves

I guess the most important thing is that we are going to 750 pts.  As I’m pretty happy with the state of my force, I’m not going to change it much.  I’ll just be adding a Gyrocopter for variety and a second unit of warriors to bulk up my core / center units.

As for building, I’ve got the new unit of warriors built and primed.

The Gyrocopter is a slightly more delicate animal.  First of all, it’s on a flight stand.  Second of all the propeller is quite large and has a very small gluing point.  Third, the model is on a fragile flight stand.  Normally, I will assemble the entire model and then spray prime and paint.  The gyrocopter I’ll have to keep in 3 parts.  I’ve built the propeller and the body of the gyrocopter.  I’ve not mounted it on it’s base yet.  Both the propeller and the body of the gyrocopter are primed.  I’ll paint them separately and then assemble the model at the end.  As for playing, I’ll have to use the Asmzero style and just use the base with the body of the gyrocopter on top for the time being.  Finally, I’ll probably create a separate foam casing for easy and safe transport of this model.

So for this week, it’s all about painting to a wargaming level.  I’m targeting the Longbeards and the Cannons and crew for the end of the week, however with a local con coming up, I’ll settle for just the Longbeards.  I also have a feeling the Dwarves will inevitably clash with the Empire this week…


2 responses to “The Dwarven Throng Grumbles into Battle

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  1. It was only after you had killed my Liche Priest that it occurred to me that I could have attached it to the warriors temporarily to protect it in the advance then detached it when the warriors were closer to the conflict. Oh well, things will be better at 750. A small unit of archers to hide my Heirophant in would be great!

  2. Excellent post, Rob!
    I think I’ll give a little rundown of the units I’ve used, like you did.
    Glad to see you’re getting building and painting done. Looking forward to seeing your forces across the battlefield from my Empire 🙂

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