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If DE are long lived, does that mean they take a long time to build? Well, I can’t say that I’ve made much progress on my army in the past couple of weeks. It’s tough to find time now that I’m on a health kick that involves jogging and biking four times a week starting at 6am. So with waking up really early (compared to my 9am regular time), I need to go to bed earlier so my free time get knocked down by quite a bit.

So what go done? I’ve put together my battalion box which includes the spearmen, corsairs, crossbowmen and cold one knights. So they’re all assembled and let me tell you, those sprues are a pain in the ass. It’s nice to know that you have a ton of options when it comes to posing and outfitting your core units but snipping all those pieces off the sprues get tiresome quite quickly. When you have lots of options with the poses, you have to make sure that you can line them all up in a formation without too much difficulty. The spearment and crossbowmen were pretty easy to arrange but the corsairs (with their two hand weapons and leaning forward poses) are next to impossible to line up well. What doesn’t help is that the plastic figures are quite light. I found this out when I did eventually get them arranged on a movement tray during a game with Rob and then tried to move them. One little jerk the wrong way made all the corsairs fly all over the place. I gave up trying to fix their arrangement and just used the movement tray with some models lying flat on the tray. I need to either weigh all my core models with metal washer form Home Depot or magnetize the lot of them.

I did also prime my spearmen and crossbowmen. Lately, I’ve been using some paint on primer called gesso which “regular” painters use to prime canvas. I found this product inexpensive and great to use since it doesn’t smell (so I can use it in the winter indoors) and you can get into those hard to reach places. BUT I didn’t use it this time. I was too lazy to hand prime all these models. Great for warmachine but not so much for WHFB. So I used some black spray primer but instead of my usual GW primer, I decided to try out the Privateer Press brand of primer. Also changed up how I prime my models. Typically, I just arrange them all on a box and spray from all different angles but I found that I sometime knock some over or don’t get the underside well coated. When I watched the Privateer Press “how to paint” dvd, I noticed that they use basic masking tape to hold down the model. They took a larger model and used long strips across the top of the base onto a box to hold it down. So I used the same principle but using a shoe box, made two rows of figures and taped the models down. Made sure that all models were secure by tiping the box on slight angles. Finally found a day that it wasn’t raining and finally started priming. Having a stable platform that I can adjust easily allowed me to really get a nice solid coat that was evenly applied. I give the PP black primer two thumbs up and I’ll definitely buy this over the GW primer especially since it’s about $6-7 cheaper.

Jumped the gun there a bit. Before I primed my figures, I did play two 500pts games against Rob’s dwarves and Justin’s empire armies. Due to my need to get to sleep, I’ll have to be brief and just give you my impressions on my core units. By reading the codex (which I did cave in the purchase … thought I could live with just a pdf), I thought my corsairs were join to kick everyone around the battlefield. Not so much but then again I did put them toe to toe with the dwarves heavy hitters. The eternal hatred special rule is AMAZING and I gotta say really overpowered. I guess I’m paying for that ability somehow through the high point costs per model. Even with EH, my corsairs weren’t hitting as well as I thought they would. My surprise was how well my crossbowmen held up. I’m use to Brettonian archers which cower in shame whenever they get into close combat. Like all other DE, my crossbowmen are tough and dish it out in close combat.

My Avatar or War minis came last week so I should be picking them up on Tuesday. Woohoo. I need something other than a Brettonian figure representing my DE lord. So this week at MM minis night, I’m hoping to arrange a few more quick games that hopefully don’t take too long since I got my jogging the next morning.

Sorry for the quick pictureless update. Hopefully put together a better update next time.



Posted May 30, 2011 by loychan in Dark Elves

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