Taking a Break (Test) (Empire)   Leave a comment

You see how I did that there? I added “test” because you take Break Tests in the game?  Get it? No? Whatever.

Anyway, my update for Week Three is here, and you’re not going to see much, as the last half-week I’ve been caring for my wife and new baby boy, Aidan-Grey.  It was a toss-up between my family and hobby, and, well, the family won.  Sorry 🙂

The next month-plus will probably see very little in the way of gaming for me, but I think I will soon be able to get back to hobbying this Empire army.  I’m not out of the Tale of Gamers, I’m just taking a necessary hiatus of sorts.  Fear not.  I think I am still futher along than anyone else in this challenge! Hah.

My first order of business will be to finish the battle reports of the two games I played last Tuesday (which I couldn’t finish as my wife’s water broke mere hours after I got home).  Quickly, I played 500 point games against Andrew (Tomb Kings) and Loy (Dark Elves), with very different outcomes.  I’ll see if I can get those up soon.

Otherwise, let’s hope the rest of these guys get some work done, and hopefully play some games.  I also need to see if Ilan has been able to start his Warriors yet.

Bye for now!


Posted May 23, 2011 by mrborges in Empire, Warhammer Fantasy

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