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I went to Heavy Support on release day to pick up my pre-ordered Battle Magic cards.  Couldn’t resist picking up the book.  Their prices are actually competitive with Meeplemart.  It is a nice store but it was overrun with magic pre-release players.  If you were going to go there to play WHFB then you would need to call ahead and confirm that there would be a table available for you.  Even though I caved on the book I did resist buying any of the cool new plastic kits for Tomb Kings.

So for week one I did a lot of nothing.  I’ve still not cut a single thing off of the sprues.  I did do a bunch of reading in the army book.  Call it future planning.  Despite all this I have a leg up on Justin, my second baby isn’t due until October…lots of time.  His on the other hand is coming out soon, and when it does I know his available hobby time is going to drop to almost zero!

Since I am posting my week one update well into week two I am going to combine the two.  I have started building the skeleton warriors.  I have a grand total of zero finished so far.  It’s amazing how hard it is to even find an hour to sit down and concentrate on hobby stuff now.  The weekend is almost here so I should be able to get quite a bit done.  I’d be pleased if I finished off the build on the 32 (now down to 24 … see later) Skeleton Warriors.  I deliberated for quite a while on whether I would build the Skeletons with spears or not, long pointy bits on models tend to irritate me, but the hand weapons for this kit are so ugly that spears won out in the end.  I had decided that I wanted all my skeletons holding their spears straight up not pointing in all directions like the studio builds show.  My thinking was that the Skeletons are dead already so they would be ultimately disciplined, their spears would be straight up when marching and straight out when stabbing with them.  Easier said than done … the new formulation of the GW plastic glue has less tack out of the bottle.  This is probably great for most applications but for putting on delicate little arms, not so good.  So with the old glue I would apply it, touch the two halves together for a second or two, then let go and the tackiness would hold the part on.  I could then gently adjust to get the position perfect.  With the new glue I need to hold the parts together for quite a bit longer to let the glue start to hold.  This is extra time that I don’t really have.  Plus, if you wait a bit too long before adjusting the plastic won’t weld properly after.  Boo.

I have discovered another thing about the Skeleton Warriors sprues, one of the torsos has a metal chest plate that I don’t really like.  It isn’t that bad but I really want my footmen to be just plain skeletons holding spear and shield.  One per sprue, 8 sprues, I am now down to 24 available Skeletons.  Picky, sure.  It is my prerogative.  I am going to repurpose the other torsos for a unit of footmen with hand weapons or bows so they won’t be wasted.

I’ll include some pictures next time, I promise.

As I write this I have 20 minutes left before it actually IS the weekend so I had best get this posted…wow week three starts in a few days!  I better get going on these figures!


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