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So why Dark Elves, eh? Well, it all comes down to looks for me.  After Justin came up with the tale of 4 games idea, I brought up the GW website and looked through each army to decide which army had the best looking models. No matter how powerful an army is, if you don’t like the models then you won’t spend the time painting them and tabling the army.

Please note that I’m not much of a writer. I just blog like I talk so there won’t be all that much structure to my posts. Just some random thoughts.

There were a few other considerations:

  1. Already had a Bretonnian army so I have my share of working on knights and archers. Don’t want to do that again.
  2. Have some old undead minis that I got before undead got split into 2 armies. With the budget in mind, I was thinking about going VC but the models didn’t “sing” to me. Plus the idea of painting a hordes army did appeal to me.
  3. With the Bretonnians being “good” and being sick of WS2-3 troops, I wanted an “evil” army that is beefier. I want a couple of hard hitting infantry units that can hit hard every turn and doesn’t depend on the charge (i.e. wanted a something different that knights, knights and more knights). Those men at arms and archers just can’t stand up to any troops in hand to hand.
  4. There were other armies already “taken” not just in the tale of 4 gamers but rather their other armies. I wanted to table an army that haven’t seen yet in our little group. So that eliminated Skaven, WE, Lizardmen, High Elves and Orge Kingdoms.
  5. Need more unit choices. As I mentioned, I’m just used to knights, archers and men at arms. You gotta admit that Bretonnian armies don’t surprise you with their composition.

So with the armies not already taken, DE was the army that fit my bill BUT … still not into some of the GW models. That’s where Steve at Meeplemart came to the rescue. A while ago, Steve pointed me at alternative miniature companies when I was looking for stuff for my Bretonnians. The models that Gamezone miniatures puts out are really great. The fact that the company is basically making alternative models for GW armies works perfectly. In the past, I’ve never looked into other game companies, not because of my undying loyalty to GW, but because I’m much more comfortable with a brick and mortar store to buy my minis rather than through mail order. So when Steve said that he can order from a bunch of other companies, my eyes were now open to so many more possibilities. Oh … and his prices are really good too.

A couple of things I really like the about the DE army wise. They hate everyone. We don’t need more friends. Sometimes I don’t think we like each other.

So here’s my model purchases so far:

  • GW: DE Battalion – it’s the best bang for the buck for the core troops
  • Gamezone: DE Chariot– cause GW doesn’t make them anymore and those Predators look amazing. Can’t wait to inflict some impact hits


  • Avatars of War : Heros & Characters – might have a hard time explaining the topless model to my wife and daughter though.

  • Rusted Heroes (Fantization) : Hydra – this guy is much bigger than the GW model and just looks awesome. Need to get some handlers though.

Future plans:

  • Probably have to buy more another GW DE battalion to add more crossbowmen, spearmen and corsairs
  • Since I’m not a fan of the GW or Gamezone harpy miniatures, I’m going to try out a cool conversion that I saw on Rothand Studio’s blog. He uses the bodies of the Deamonettes of Slannesh and the wings of the Tyranid gargoyles

  • Once again, not a fan of the GW Dark riders, so going with the Gamezone DE Light Calvary

  • At a loss to find a good DE assassin model but I definitely have to include a couple in my army since they kick butt
  • Gotta say that I don’t like any of the GW Special units figures but I can’t find alternatives so I’m hoping that the rumors of a new DE codex are true and so some new plastic kits might come out for those special units (since they’re all metal now)

Enough with the models already. What’s my plan list-wise? No clue. I haven’t really gone through the army book yet. I know that I can’t play a hydra in a 500pt game (which is unfortunate) but “Betsy” is definitely coming out when we hit 750pts. I would really like to find minis that fit some of those special units (witch elves, shades, executioners, black guard) but nothing is popping out at me. Despite how good these units are, I cannot bring myself to buy the GW models. They’re all “last generation” models that are just asking for new models so I guess I’ll wait until that time come to pass. I’m also holding off on the bolt thrower for same reasons. Hopefully Gamezone will make a DE bolt thrower similar to the one they have for the High Elves. Since 1500-2000 pts games will be way in future, I should be good for a while.

I might not have the best units out there to start but I’ll love the models that hit the table.

So how far have I gotten? Uhm, I’ve unpacked everything and looked at them fondly. The thing with the DE battalion is that each model consists of 10 parts unlike Rob’s dwarves, that have 0-1 posable parts. Tons of pieces to cut off the sprue so I haven’t gotten that far. Hopefully I’ll get an unit of spearmen assembled by the end of the weekend.

Additional comments:

  • I’m impressed with the size of the hydra but after dry fitting some of pieces, I see that I’ll have to get out the green stuff to fill up quite a few gaps.Packaging was amazing (parts separated in bags and foam pieces to between some the baggies for extra protected
  • Not impressed with the DE chariot packaging. It basically came in a plain white box with no picture/art, all pieces were stuff in a single plastic bag, and it didn’t come with a chariot base. How else are you suppose to build this?
  • If anyone can suggest any specific minis that I might like, please add a comment telling me where I can take a look

Posted May 7, 2011 by loychan in Dark Elves

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