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I will openly admit that I am a hobby butterfly.  Whether it’s because I’m a Libra or just how I grew up, I find it difficult sometimes to focus on one thing at a time.  I’m especially bad when it comes to the hobby.  I can’t honestly say that I ever finished an army/force completely.  I came real close with a couple of crews from Malifaux (possibly my favourite miniatures system), but only close.  And so mid-way between my one-third completed Skaven army and my one-quarter completed High Elf army I came up with the idea of starting Empire.  I will get to why shortly, but I just wanted to say that this is also the time I suggested to my usual opponent Andrew that we try a Tale of Gamers type challenge, to get an army completely built and painted.  We have played most of our WHFB games together, and they have all been with forces ranging from just bases to mostly painted, and everything in between.  We sort of thought, dang, it’s about time we get a COMPLETE force done!  And what better way than a Tale of Gamers challenge, where we can go at the same pace and help/support each other in our shared endeavour.  Soon we had Loy, Rob and Ilan on board.
Why Empire?
Why not, I say!  I fell for Empire for a number of reasons.  I think one reason was that I was loving the effect of my Skaven war machines.  Especially against Andrew’s Lizardmen.  He really cringed every time they got ready to fire.  Well, Empire has a bunch of war machines, and even though I probably will never own half of them, they’re there.  I like the gun powder aspect of the army.  Other than with Dwarfs, you really don’t find gun power weapons in the Warhammer world, and I like that.  There’s something about the “Pike & Shotte” era that draws me, and Empire best supports that in this gaming system.  I also like the humans vs. monsters aspect, where there is a world of creatures of all types, chaotic or otherwise fantastical, and they’re all surrounding Mankind.  I love it.  The religious part of Empire intrigues me as well.  I might not include much of it for this Tale, perhaps only limited to a couple of Warrior Priests, but I like the fanatic Flagellants, and might add them at some point.  The idea of a combined arms force appeals to me as well.  The Detachment system is cool, and I look forward to learning out to properly use it.  Another part of my decision is the unit choices of Swordsmen, Halberds, Handgunners and Militia.  The first two I just love the look of when they are ranked up in 20+ men units.  I probably won’t be hording them at any point, as I’m not a fan of human hordes (at least yet), but 25 seems a good number.  Handgunners I need for the gun powder thing.  The idea of a couple of ranks of gunners with smoke wafting around them…cool.  At some point I’ll add some Militia, mostly because I want to call them “The Rabble.”  But my favourite unit?  Pistoliers.  I don’t care how well they will or will not do.  I just love the look of double-pistol-toting young nobles riding horses.  Love it.  I knew they would be the first unit after the Battalion that I purchased.
And lastly, no one in my gaming group played or planned to play Empire.  Which is always a good reason to choose an army.
Purchases so far…
-I wanted to start off with a Battalion.  20 State Troops, 10 Handgunners, 10 Greatswords and 8 Knightly Orders is a great way to start the army I’m looking to field (see below).  The fact that if I can find another 20 heads, bodies and bases, I can field 20 more State Troops from the sprues.  Same goes for 10 Crossbowmen.
Pistoliers.  I knew I would get these right away, and they were actually the first unit I built on Day One. 
Cannon/Mortar.  It was tough deciding which to go for first, but I think I will need the mortar more in the early games we play.  I’ll add a cannon later.  I do not think I will get a Helblaster or Helstorm, but I’m pretty sure I’ll get a Steam Tank down the road.  I’m not going to super-focus on artillery, I just want a bit in there.
-Battle Wizards.  There is a good chance I’ll pick up another kit so I can build two more.  I love this kit.  So many options.  I’ve built “Fire” and a “Celestial” wizards already.  Actually, the ones on the front of the box.
General/BSB kit.  This I actually got from Andrew (thank you again!), and I’ve built the General on the horse and the BSB on foot with a mace.  Actually, the builds right from the box, again.
Army Book. Of course.
The Plan
I’ve come up with a 1000pt list that I would like to try.  I know it’s not perfect, but I my first small lists should build towards it.  I will probably end up changing it when I see how the Empire units work out.  For now, I have an even less-effective 500pt list: 

General of the Army w/ Full Plate Armour, Shield
Battle Wizard (Level 1)
19 Swordsmen w/ Standard
10 Handgunners w/ Marksman
5 Knightly Order w/ Standard

Again, not really an effective build, but I think it will look good on the table all painted up and stuff.
Before I buy anything else I will be finishing up the rest of the Battalion and the units I have picked up already.  I don’t want to increase the size of my collection so much that I am overwhelmed, as I usually find myself, and then lose heart and stop painting.  I want this challenge to not only be about keeping pace with the other guys, but using what limited units I have to try and make effective builds.  It will take some games to get used to the Empire units, but I’m ready for that challenge as well.

Well, that’s all for now.  Back to despruing and gluing!


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