The Dwarven Throng (not Thong) emerges!!!   1 comment

Goal: Create a 500 pts list

Why Dwarves?  When I start playing a game I go through the armies available and decide upon which and how many armies I’d like to build.

With Warhammer Fantasy, I decided to go big and shoot for 6 armies.  Looking back, that was probably dumb decision as even building one army is a pretty monumental task.

 Here’s the six I decided on:

  1. Orcs & Goblins – Basically Green Gorillas…this was a no brainer for me.
  2. Wood Elves – Elf fantasy babes…another no brainer
  3. Tomb Kings – Undead with an Egyptian theme…I love the look of these models.  Probably my favorite minis in the game.
  4. Bretonnia – Chivalry, heraldry, knights…a painters dream…a non-painter’s nightmare
  5. Beastmen or Skaven?   – I’m still on the fence about this choice, but I do want a feral army
  6. So why Dwaves first?  It was for me a toss up between Orcs and Dwaves.  In the end I went with the dwarves, mostly because it’s a lot fewer models than goblins and orcs.  Also, I’d like to get some play out of the old codex before they revise it.

Army Planning 1: The pretty girl at the dance

Queen of the Dwarves

“The Wood Elves have twin sister hotties riding a winged Forest Dragon…we get Helga…”

First and foremost, I take a look at the GW website minis shots and pick my favorite sculpts.  It’s shallow, but for me looks are 90% of a minis game.  Going through the Dwarves list online I found that there isn’t much variety.  Basically there are Dwarf infantry and Dwarf artillery.  Yes, there are several cool looking characters, but it really is quite a homogenous looking army.

The only must haves for me looks-wise are the Anvil of Doom and the Gyrocopter.  I’d love to have the Book of Grudges as well, but then I’d probably have to give up the Anvil points wise.

At 500 pts, I’ll be stretching to get either the Anvil or the copter in.  So for now, looks take a second seat.  No models chosen yet.

Army Planning 2:  She’s got a nice personality

Dwarf warriors, hammerers, miners, long beards, slayers, quarrelers, etc…How many ways can you sculpt a pot belly and facial hair anyways???

It was the look of minis that drew me in, but it’s the theme and story behind the game that keeps me playing.  The story of the Dwarf Army is that they are dour, steadfast, drink lots of beer, hold grudges and are great builders…kinda like asmzero.  So, basically I’m looking for models that remind me of a 4 foot tall asmzero.

Even if he had profuse facial hair, I don’t think that many of the models remind me of asmzero, however GW does do a good job of making the models nice and Dwarfy…unfortunately they are all very Dwarfy.  Looking at the Wood elf army, you can go Tree Spirits, you can go Elven cavalry.  You can go skirmishy scouts, you can go wild hunters in the forest, etc.   With Dwarves, you can go Dwarves with a lot of Artillery or Dwarves with a little artillery.  Thematically, they feel monochromatic.

So again this criterion doesn’t help me select models for my force.

Army Planning 3: – The ugly girl at the dance

The above considered, I get technical and start looking at unit performance.  This is my least favorite part of the Army building process, but probably the most well documented.  There are countless forums that evaluate units and their strengths and weaknesses filled the intricacies of a unit’s stats.

For me, this kind of research is work…not play.  I do enough technical analysis from 9-5.  In my off time, I just want to throw down.  So, instead of hitting the internet and getting a min / maxed list, I do the following:

One of the things I love about army planning is not knowing what I’m going to face.  That forces me to build a list that can take all comers instead of just building to counter specific things.  So, in order to build in this way, I look at the following roles for a standard WH Fantasy army:

  1. Close Combat – Usually CC is the turning point of a WH Fantasy game
  2. Flanking Troops – Getting a flank is a key to winning CC
  3. Character Assassination – The Herohammer factor is less, but you still need to take care of casters and uber characters
  4. Magic or Dispelling Magic – Magic is very fickle, but can tip the battle for two equally matched armies
  5. Shooting – Personally I think this is the least viable way to win a battle.

Every army is different however…that’s the great thing about variable force games.  For Dwarves, I’d adjust in the following way:

  1. Shooting – Personally I think this is the least viable way to win a battle…unless you have a buttload of Dwarven artillery!
  2. Close Combat – Dwarves have good, high armor CC fighters
  3. Character Assassination – I don’t think this will be a factor until we hit 1500 pts…so I’ll worry about this later
  4. Flanking Troops – the Dwarf idea of a flanking attack is hitting an opponent on the side of the head with a warhammer…
  5. Magic or Dispelling Magic – Dwarves just don’t cast spells

Going by the roles above, I start nominating units.

As artillery is big part of the Dwarven force, I’ll first add 2 cannons and their crew.  That’s about one third of the total force value at 500 pts.

Next, I’ll add 2 minimum sized units:  10 Warriors and 9 Longbeards plus a thane.  That’s a good start.  I’ll also add a full command group for each.

At this point, I’m at 485 pts!  I forgot how small a 500 pt army can be.  I’ll shore up the last 15 pts with a Rune for my Thane.

I gotta list and I’m ready to DANCE!

 Next up: Getting the figs…


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  1. You know I really look nothing like a dwarf as my portrait indicates: Handsome fellow

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