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So even though I have boxes and boxes of unopened Daemons of Chaos sitting upstairs somehow Justin convinced me to join in on this version of GW’s interesting Tale of Four Gamers articles.  The original plan was to call it a Battalion Blog, meaning all the participants would buy a Battalion, the book, and a hero and plan, build, paint, and play their new army all while blogging about their experiences (Thus the Daemons were disqualified for not having a Battalion box) overtime it changed into a “buy what you want” challenge and was named, following GW’s lead, Tale of Gamers.  The new format is that participants will buy whatever product they want and build to a particular point level.  The levels we decided on are 500, 750, 1000, 1250, 1500.  At its heart it is a hobby project so each level all the participants need to be working on, and finishing, new models.

When I was introduced to Warhammer I was absolutely certain what army I wanted to play … Lizardmen.  I loved the look of the army and the fact that they are (sort of) good guys was a big plus.  I did a bunch of reading on tactica and made some purchases.  I loved the concept.  Lots of slippery shooty lizards firing poison darts all over the place zipping here and there, foiling their enemies plans.  Alas, I was reading 7th edition tactica and didn’t even know it.  Instead of melting my army down into little grey globs I gave them a chance and have since found other things to love about them.  Through this process I determined that it was probably the wood elves that I wanted to pick up to achieve that shooty/sneaky feel that I was looking for.  This also would have been a mistake as the shooty/sneaky side of the woodelves army is also very weak (supposedly).  To get the army I wanted I ended up buying a bunch of Daemons which as I stated above are all still sitting in boxes.  Until I get them assembled and onto the table I guess I won’t know.  Deciding on a force for the Tale of Gamers wasn’t going to be as easy.

Originally I was going to pick Dwarfs or Dark Elves.  I liked the idea of an all shooty army and it sounded like the Dwarfs could pull it off.  For the Dark Elves I liked the repeating crossbows and bolt throwers and building a war hydra would be cool.  Both armies got scooped up by other players while I was deciding.  Then I thought about Ogres or Beastmen, my worry with them was that they have a lot of crazy details and the painting would be difficult.  I still like the idea of the Beastmen, maybe at some point I’ll do up their battalion.  The Ogres were appealing for the low model count that they support, the big negative was having to pay for the 24 Gnoblars that came in the Battalion that I don’t really want to paint or field.  I ended up deciding against them.

The Tomb Kings had been announced earlier and I had dismissed them as an option because two of the other players had pre-existing armies.  After being scooped on a few other armies that I was interested in I decided to come back to the Tomb Kings.  Part of this was due to the previews of some of the new models coming out (Warsphinx!) and part of it was due to the availability at my FLGS of a relatively cheap Battalion box.  A bonus was that I could also get the Battle Magic cards for them, all of the others except Orcs and Goblins being out of print.  It was also around this time that the format changed from Battalion to “buy what you want” so that requalified the Daemons.  Tough decision.

I ended up selecting the Tomb Kings.  A big part of my army selection was the amount of bone in the army.  When I was young painting minis for D&D (and just for fun) I liked to do Skeletons so this will be sentimental AND it should be pretty easy (and fast!) to get a base coat done.  I will also admit that I selected TK based on the hopes of a viable shooty, sneaky army.  I don’t think that is going to be the case but the archers, especially the mounted ones, are not going to disappoint and the entombed beneath the sands special rule (or whatever it is  called) gives me a bit of the sneaky factor I was looking for.  Of course I picked the army that doesn’t have an army book yet so while the other four guys have been browsing through their books deciding on builds and planning strategies I have been, well, not doing that.  Once I ruled out the Daemons (sorry Daemons, I get back to you, I promise!) I paid a visit to Meeplemart to get some models and then to Games Workshop to take a look through the preview copy of the Tomb Kings army book.  Dan at GW Scarborough TC gave me an excellent cover to cover run through of the book when I went to preview it (Thanks Dan!).  Good things to note from my review of the store copy of the army book: you can play with only a Hierophant now you don’t need to buy a General also.  Both the Liche Priest and the Tomb Prince have had their costs reduced by quite a bit so fielding both is possible early on.  And finally, the horse archers have both scout and a vanguard move so they qualify as both sneaky and shooty (awesome!).  On my way out I noticed the Tomb Kings focused White Dwarf was out so I grabbed that.  (Handy discovery:  The preview shot of the core unit stats, points, upgrades spread in that White Dwarf on page 10 is legible:  I am planning my battalion from that.  Too bad they didn’t do the same for the Heroes.  Oh well.)

My Purchases:

  • 4 Tomb Swarm at a GW bitz swap day for 2/5ths of the list price.  Not sure if I am actually going to use these or not but the price was good.
  • The battalion box from Meeplemart ( ~ $90)
  • Pre-ordered the Battle Magic cards from Heavy Support, hopefully they will come in on release day (if they come in at all).
  • Will probably wait until MM has the army book
  • Justin has kindly loaned me two mummies from a Pulp range of minis to stand in for my Hierophant and Prince until I get the blisters…waiting on them announcing new plastic kits…heres hoping!

What’s in the box:

  • Skeletal Horses – 7 sprues containing two horses each in two parts.  3 sprues for chariots, 4 for horsemen.  Nothing really to talk about here.  The sprues are numbered 1/2 and 3/4 but aside from the numbers i see no difference.  On each sprue there is a horse with its left leg forward and one with its right leg forward.  During assembly I may discover the purpose of the numbering scheme.
  • Horsemen – 2 sprues, 8 riders, spears, heads, arms, zero options.  Definitely subbing in bows from the infantry sprues.  Since I plan to build all my horsemen as archers all the hand weapons are available for the skeleton warriors…Kopesh swords specifically.  I’ll talk about this further when I get to the foot soldier sprue.
  • Chariots – Aside from the horses everything for one chariot is on a joined double-size sprue.  Options are minimal.  Rider with spear, rider with whip, and rider with polearm.  Looks like there may be a banner also.  No musician though.  Will likely be able to grab one from a footman or horseman sprue.
  • Archers – 4 sprues, 8 bows, 8 quivers, 4 arms, 2 kopesh swords alas one is a weapon arm and one is for an additional hand weapon, must be for a unit champion.  I wanted to outfit my footmen with these but it looks like it isn’t going to happen.
  • Shields/Command – 4 sprues, attached to the archer sprues.  This has the shields for the warriors, standards and horns for unit command, and some armoured heads…that I don’t really like.
  • Skeleton Warriors – First off,  the oldest of the sprues that came in the battalion.  Because of that the size of the skeletons is different.  The arms are smaller and thinner than the other units and the spines are ridiculously thick.  Not sure yet how I am going to build these, probably with spears since I intend to buy spears for them in my list anyhow.  That saves me using the hand weapons on this sprue which are really ugly.  A few things to note: There seems to be a ram or bull’s skull available for one of my warriors per sprue, that is definitely going in.  A couple other extras are a single arrow (?!) and a tomb stone (that makes some sense thematically at least).

So out of all that I think I am going to end up with this as my Army Build:

Hierophant 70 General
Horse Archers (8 /w LA) 120
Skeleton Warriors (20 /w Spears, LA, and Banner) 130
Chariots (3) 165
Phase one we are targeting 500 points.  I need the book to know where I can fit in my BSB.  I think it is important for any TK army, and especially a small one, to take fewer losses to combat res.  Hopefully I can squeeze it in somewhere.  If not, I’ll take some extra skeleton warriors.  To fit in the BSB I will likely drop the size of the horsemen unit down.

So the other guys were poking a bit of fun at me for doing nothing but examining sprues and typing.  Ilan and I are the only two that have yet to clip a single bit off a sprue!  At least I think Ilan hasn’t started his build.  I think it will pay dividends later as I will have planned pretty carefully and won’t (or be less likely to) hit any gotchas.

Next up I will actually start clipping things!


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  1. Sad to see the daemons are waiting on the shelf. Sounds like an interesting army to build / paint / play against. Still now now you get the pleasure & pain of doing the newest army on the block.


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