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This blog is going to follow the progress of a five gamers in Toronto and their Tale of Gamers challenge.  We have each chosen a Warhammer Fantasy Battles army to start from scratch.  Most of us are beginning with a Battalion, and going from there.  The gamers and armies involved are…

Justin and his Empire.

Andrew and his Tomb Kings.

Rob and his Dwarfs.

Loy and his Dark Elves.

Ilan and his Warriors of Chaos.

We have decided to start low at 500 point armies and work our way up to 1500.  We will have weekly updates on our progress, and as we play games there will be reports written for those as well.  The main idea is to start a brand new army and take it from a bunch of plastic sprues to fully painted forces that we can enjoy on the tabletop.

Shortly each gamer will start blogging their challenge progress with an introduction to their army, why they’ve selected it and where they plan to go with it.

Thanks for joining us here at A Tale of Gamers, and come back often to see how we’re doing!


Posted May 5, 2011 by mrborges in Warhammer Fantasy

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